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2000 - 2019

CHROMOCORE: is the visual structure and support of every international modern Metropolis. It is the metallic tracks and conveyor belts that slide throughout and beneath the city. The iron worms, steel teeth, and revolving metal stairs that transport humans through the underground-maze. These motion charged vessels and spaces are our friendly labyrinth-guides and they are gazed upon as a final destination not a transient one. It’s the energy, the pure surge of wind that shakes us on the platform as a train slips by. These photographs unleash the grandeur, the fragility, and the power, we so often blink past. 

These photographs are the foundation, the entrance, and the root of every city. As a series Chromocore reveals the similarities that each city shares. When viewed as individual photographs you can separate the unique character parallel to its growing cityscape. It gives people the option to view the underground in an alternative light. Although every city is distinct to its own atmosphere,  every heart is linked with a similar support.

"This work is my source of energy, my reasoning, my path, and my focus as a being. It’s why I exist as an artist right now and its why I travel: I seek out destinations based on what lies underneath them and the means by which people move through them."

  Most of the photographs are taken with a hasselblad 501. A mix of negative and positive film is used. There is no digital manipulation. The work started in 2000 and is currently twenty cities worldwide and the progression will continue.

Cities Included: 

New York, Sydney, Paris, Buenos Aires, Naples, Bangkok, London, Chicago, Lisboa, Ghent, Prague, Marid, Geneva, Dusseldorf, D.C., Moscow, Tokyo, Boston, & Montreal

Chromocore is part of Pfizer and Swinterton's Art collection and has been displayed 

at AAF, LA Art Fair, Scope Miami, & Scope New York. 

A selection of photographs from the series displayed below.

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