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Made You Look

formerly: I Shoot People

2004 - 2014

When I was a youngling in the late 80’s, I would  break dance with my cousins in Long Island & sneak sessions on my brother’s turntables. I started emceeing on a Japanese label and opening for acts like Swollen Members and Souls of Mischief while my brother Shel Shock made beats for artist like AG (D.I.T.C), Casual (Hiero), & Dres (Black Sheep). I grew up in the golden years of the 90’s & spent the early 00's documenting Hip Hop culture. 

2009 Traveling Exhibition | 187 photographs | 5 Cities.

San Francisco @ D-Structure

Los Angeles @ Tradition

Milwaukee @ Hot Pop

Brooklyn @ Powerhouse

Sacramento @ Artifacts

2023 NFT Launch | 16 NFTs | SuperRare

presented by Focus Bloc


Press Quotes

"Traynor's portfolio is a who's who of Hip-Hop cutlture, from the underground to the mainstream, from the old skool to the news skool." - Examiner

Just as classic rock shutterbugs from Jim Marshall to Jay Blakesberg have added visual impact to that genre's iconographic landscape, so too have hip-hop's photographic chroniclers, people such as Jamal Shabazz and Ernie Pannicioli add now Trevor Traynor to the list." - SF Weekly

Select photographs from the collection displayed below.

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