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Low Life

May 2010 - Nov 2011


On cinco de Mayo 2010 I jumped in the back of a flan colored 69 Buick Skylark

convertible and filmed my first cruise.

Passion, Pride, Perfection. 

Low Life opened at Cukui in San Jose, and Summit in San Francisco in 2011.

Car Clubs

Padrinos, Family First, Low Vintage, Pachuco, USO, Aztecas, Impalas SJ, Impalas NM,

New Mexico, Frisco's Finest, Excandalow, Bay Riders, The Inspirations, The Others, The Individuals,

The Fo Fifteen.

Limited Edition Low Life Poster available in shop.

Remaining: 09. Edition: 50. Size: 11" x 17". Signed. 

Select photographs from the series displayed below.

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