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My Piermont

2005 - 2007

My Piermont is just that. It’s a recollection of youth captured from the perspective of an adult, a collection of ghostly images from a small town in upstate New York. The series includes portraits of townsfolk ranging from the neighborhood bully to the girl I rode the bus with as a child.  The photographs are in your face and stare back at you.  Lighting and framing dominate the focus of the images yet allow the subjects to speak for themselves. These are hometown pictures with a difference.  Not the usual snapshots, sometimes dark, sometimes puzzling, pictures of the people who make up my Piermont.  


This series was shot on a Hasselblad using B&W 120 Scala Film. 

Book Released in 2008

1st Edition of 50. Size: 8in x 8in. Cover: Soft/laminate. Sold Out. 

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