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2012 - 2019

"Photographer Trevor Traynor’s global odyssey documenting the newsstands of the world is a remarkable record of newsprint as a construction medium". - Edwin HeathCote, FT Weekend.

On 7/17/12 I shot my 1st newsstand near 6th Ave & 46th St. Drawn in by the vibrant colors & organized product placement, this series began its journey providing an instant time stamp via magazine covers and headlines. 

All photographs were shot on the iPhone 4s - 11promax.


Cities included

New York, Jersey City, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Barcelona, Lima, Cusco, Punta Arenas, Venice, Milan, Rome, Naples, Pozzuoli, Jerusalem, Dar Es Salaam, Tokyo, Kamakura, Cairo, Marrakesh.


Web0 Kiosks + Shot on Web2 + Minted on Web3


On 5/27/22 Newsstands was launched as a  collection of 100 (1/1) NFTs minted on the blockchain.

The collection sold out 10/02/22.

All pre-sales included a limited edition newsprint poster which revealed 5 different versions upon unfolding.


The launch was celebrated by a pop-up IRL event  @HotShotMuffler in Los Angeles and included a physical Newsstand installation surrounded by ten 43" digital screens displaying the entire collection.

For more details on the NFT launch & to watch the recap video




Newspaper Club


Limited Edition Book coming in 2025

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